Friday, October 24, 2008


i made my junior high soccer team!!!! yeah!!!! soccer soccer soccer this whole week!!! i had it for an hour and a half everyday after school...after that i went either to a soccer game or my soccer practice...AND I MADE IT!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So right now i am at the monsons house in utah! we have two weeks off of school and the first quarter has gone by soooooo FAST! my family drove out to cali. on sunday afternoon. we got to my grandpa and grandma hills house at 9:00. the next day we went to the baileys house to visit and went to our old school country hills to visit all of the teachers we knew forever!me and my brother cole went to dinner with some old friends. then my cousin zachary came over and me my oldest brother jase (16) my oldest sister (14) my younger brother cole (11) and my cousin zachary (12) went to spend the night at my grandma and grandpa warners house then left at 8:30 in the morning to get on the road to go to utah! my grandma takes all of the cousins on trips with their "cousin buddies" so far ive been to San diego, Sacramento, washington dc, and utah next i will be going to san francisco for a shopping trip with just me and my grandma and then with my cousin buddy Zachary to provo for a church history tour. and yes my grandma SPOILS us! so any way...we got to st. george and went to the st. george temple and did baptisims for the dead. then we came to the monsons house! tomorrow we will be going to all of the temples from here to salt lake city! that will be 8 temples all together... YEAH! and of course we have to write in our journals every night and take pictures almost every where i go! so i have to go will keep you posted and will have pictures from our trip when i get back!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

of coarse when my grandma was here we had to take picture...
when do we not!

hey! im so sorry i havent blogged in like forever... but ive had so much going on! i just started soccer and i have had alot of homework lately. im in 7th grade right now and i love it! but there are WAY TO MANY i will start bloggong more!!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


So I am in Ohio right now I got here last monday. I have had so much fun with Syd, Lindsey, and paige! Here are some pics of what we have been up to lateley!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Sydnee, you are my best frien in the whole wide world! i never wanted you to go away! we have so much fun and we never let anything or anyone come between us! nobody can ever replace you! we have so many memories together and you are the best cousin ever! i love you so much bug! i dont know who im going to hang out with at school when you move... at least ill have kiley and we are going to visit you every summer and 3 times a year! and every break! i could write a whole blog about you! i oove making videos and dances up with you and texting and emailing and shopping together and borrowing clothes! BDBASKCSBLOGGERPPHS4EVR!!!! i still dont know how your mom and lindsey found that out! haha! mama T. and papa J. pink and fergie in the house! haha! it was so much fun going to the river with your family and we so have to do that again! i love going to the lake with you guys too! we will for sure do that again! well you know that i love you so much! you are the best cousinever and the bestest friend in the whole wide world! i love you like a FAT boy LOVES his meal!i cant wait to go to ohio tomorrow! haha


Lindsey, i love you so much! we have had so much fun together and i never wanted this time to are so funny and ( you are the best cousin ever!) we have so many memories together and i dont want them to stop. i love making videos with you and making up dances and borroing clothes and i just love you so much!


Carli, you are the cutest girl ever! i dont know what im going to do without you. you are so funny and im going to miss your little attitude! i love you so much and i never wanted this time to come where i have to say good bye! :( i love you so much!